Riwaq - From Leb With Love


The Riwaq village house
The package includes Riwaq 72+ pieces, the steps, and a construction map as well as a history card about the type of the house.
When you raise it up your home will be 19 cm in height, 37 cm in length, and 25 cm in width.

P.S try to paint your home so you take the fun to the next level.

Just Look at it! It was made to make the people inside happy, and the people outside enjoying its beauty even happier! The windows, the bricks, the welcoming doors that always stay open for the neighbors and visitors. The smell of the Zaatar in the morning and Grandma’s laughter in the evening and all the positive sensation in between, calling for you! Raise it up to spread our Village (Day3a) vibes.

The term Riwaq (Gallery) refers to a covered space that opens to the outside terrace garden via a series of supports. More historic information will be inside the package.

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الشروط والأحكام
ضمان إرجاع الأموال خلال 30 يوماً
الشحن: 2-3 أيام عمل