Beirut Central Commercial

The Beirut Central Commercial house
The package includes 170+ pieces, the steps and construction map as well as a history card about the type of the house.
When you raise it up your home will be 29 cm in height, 37 cm in length, and 25 cm in width.

Just embrace the Glory of Beirut and its houses. The Triple arcs if they speak, can tell you endless stories about the beauty of the streets, the magnificence of the villas, and the richness of the commercial stores that were filled with all that you can imagine from the East and the West. The houses that witnessed the rise of the cultural revolution, the poets, the painters the musicians, the dancers, the bankers, and historic leaders.

You can take a peak from its windows and actually see people having dinner, laughing, dancing, and listening to Fairouz on a sunny morning. The porches of Beirut were such a sight, you could drink coffee watching the entire city pass by you and say Marhaba and Al Salamo Alaykom even without knowing who you are!

P.S try to paint your home so you take the fun to the next level.

This house will give you the spirit of Beirut wherever you are.

Central Hall House, combining Western European and Near Eastern styles, has existed in Beirut and throughout Lebanon since the mid-19th century and continued to be built, in various forms, until the mid-20th century.

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