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Raw With Love
6.00 0.00 6.0 USD
Raw with Love is a collection of poetry and prose about the bermuda triangle of lust, love and loss.

The book is divided into three chapters, with each chapter being both a knife and an open wound.

Raw with Love takes its readers through a journey that brings them back to their first untamed cry.
بلاغة الصمت
6.00 0.00 6.0 USD
And We Chose Everything
6.00 0.00 6.0 USD
لا وبعض اسمها
2.00 0.00 2.0 USD
Open - Tania Khalil
10.00 0.00 10.0 USD
Open is a meditation about life on the edge of expansion. Each poem offers a chance of enlightenment, with a bit of grit and raw love. Prepare to embrace the darkness and find the light.