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القنديل الصغير - طبعة خاصة - حجم صغير (إنكليزي-عربي) - غلاف كرتوني

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Ghassan Kanafani, whose vision and writings inspired thousands to create and dream, wrote and illustrated this first children's novel for his niece Lamis for her eighth birthday.

The Little Lantern is a story about a king who dies, leaving his only daughter and heiress to the throne. He leaves his will with the wise man in the castle, which instructs his daughter that in order to become the queen of the kingdom, she has to bring the sun into the castle before the candle melts.

The princess, being young, thought that she would be able to catch the sun and carry it on her back to the castle. She tries many ways, but to no avail. She later locks herself in her room, and on the eighth day, finds a note under her door, saying that by locking herself in, she will never find a solution.

Find out how this young princess "brings the sun into the castle".

Each page is from the original illustrated book, alongside printed Arabic and an English translation.

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    Author: غسان كنفاني
    Publisher: The Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation
    ISBN: 9789953004112