The Mysteries of Transformation

The story follows Xapien as he leaves his cave room, abandoning his four friends and parents in order to decipher his dreams. Along the way, he enters the doors to hidden worlds and meets 3 wise people who become his mentors. They reveal to him some of the mysteries of transformation in order for him to discover his true light. His parents and friends had lost track of him, and one of his mentors abandoned him near the cave's exit. He continues his journey alone, attempting to escape the cave and defeat the dragon "Chayos"

"Out of the 100 books I have read, "Mysteries of Transformation" is the only one that I reread several times. Each time I discovered new secrets and learned about my True Self something I had not known before"
- Hussein Joumaa

"Since we are in a never-ending process of transformation since we go through different stages in life, this book could speak to you differently each time you interact with it. Thus, whenever you read this book, you understand it based on where are you at in life and what is missing to find your true self. I have read this book 3 times."
- Sandy El Chaar

"I was surprised by a number of complex philosophies/concepts discussed in the book and impressed with how seamlessly these concepts were integrated within the story. Although the book is short, it packs really powerful messages that are explained in simple terms. I recommend this book to everyone as you will certainly leave not only feeling inspired but also encouraged to take action to transform your life “
—Mohammad Khalil

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Author: Imad Abou Khalil