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Reflections From Palestine
A Journey of Hope

Reflections from Palestine tells the story of life under Israeli occupation. The book opens at the outset of 1967 "Six-Day" war" and describes the relentless series of "temporary measures" that became the binding, suffocating reality of occupation leading up to and following the Oslo Accords. Khoury explains the wide-ranging social and political problems facing Palestinians under occupation through the sweet and sorrowful experiences of family and community life.

Khoury has been an active community volunteer worker throughout most of her life. She is a founding member of the Board of Trustees of Birzeit University and Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre. She earned recognition from local NGOs and a citation of merit award from the alumni association of Southwestern University.

She was married to the late Yousef Khoury who passed away in 2004, and lives in East Jerusalem close to her two children Dina and Suhail, and her seven grandchildren.

* Shortlisted - MEMO Palestine Book Awards 2014

'She makes her reader live with her the anxiety of a mother and grandmother, yet she never sounds bitter and never loses hope because she strongly believes in the justice of the cause of her people, the Palestinians.' - Rev. Naim Ateek

'Her personal integrity shines through these pages.' - Gregory Jenks, Academic Dean at St Francis Theological College

'Samia makes you feel motherhood, sisterhood, and accommodate you in her neighborhood. Her words as if reflecting the words of every Palestinian Woman.' - ARAB WOMAN MAG

'This book is a comprehensive diary of Palestinian life over the last 40 years.' - THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE

'a most necessary history lesson' - EILEEN FLEMING

‘...sweet and sorrowful experiences of family and community life under occupation.' - SABEEL

'Samia Khoury successfully provides the reader with an engaging and at times emotional description of the misery experienced by Palestinians by exploring the wide-ranging social and political problems facing them under occupation through the sweet and sorrowful experiences of family and community life.' - MEMO Palestine Book Awards
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Beyond Shattered Glass: Voices from the Aftermath of the Beirut Explosion
True stories of survival, strength, and solidarity

On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion in the Beirut port decimated much of the capital city. The notoriously corrupt and criminally negligent Lebanese government was nowhere to be found. Instead, ordinary people were forced to fend for themselves in extraordinary situations.

They took on the monumental cleanup effort on ground zero. They set up makeshift online resources to find loved ones in hospitals that were overwhelmed. They pulled strangers out of the rubble, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. They set up mental health lines, launched missing persons platforms. They took care of neighbors and comforted one another through tragic losses.

This book is an anthology of creative nonfiction that chronicles their real stories as told by the writers who interviewed them. More than individual accounts, these stories are the product of a collective writing process to archive history and continue to resist injustice.

100% of the royalties will be donated to support victims of the explosion.
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