Intentional Reset

My Why

For few years, I have been searching for the meaning of my life, after I hit rock bottom at 37. It was a tough ride, out of which emerged my purpose: “to change the world by touching one heart at a time.”
It is by creating a ripple effect that we can make this world a kinder place. By guiding you towards a personal transformation, we can together plant a seed of HOPE in the heart of every family and every community to reach out to every city around the world!
In this book, I share with you how you can move from where you are to where you want to be! It is a step-by-step guide to transform your life.
Along my journey, I learned:
To believe, after I was hopeless.
To love unconditionally, after I was a control freak!
To revolt against limiting beliefs, after I was their slave for such a long time!
To treat others like I want to be treated, after I had double standards!
To search for significance in everything I do, after I was focusing only on urgencies!
To jump in and grow my wings on the way down, after I was paralyzed due to a fear of failure!
To dream the impossible and take the first possible step, after I was too realistic to dare to act!
To fall in love with Life and resign myself to spirituality, after I was falling apart!
I learned to:

Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy. ~ Stephen Covey

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Author: Dima Istambouli
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