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"It’s in vain to recall the past, unless it works some influence upon the present. David Copperfield was first published as a serial from May 1849 to November 1850, in 19 monthly instalments. Considered Charles Dickens’ “veiled autobiography”, it was published in a single volume by Bradbury & Evans on 14 November 1850. Born in Blunderstone, England, a fatherless David lives with his mother Peggotty, who marries Edward Murdstone when David turns seven. When Murdstone tries to thrash him, David bites his stepfather. Sent to a boarding school—Salem House—David’s life under the tyrannical headmaster Mr. Creakle becomes even more miserable. After his mother’s death, David travels from London to Dover in search of his great-aunt Betsey Trotwood. From boyhood to adulthood, David meets several characters—Emily, Mr. Wickfield, Agnes, Mr. Spenlow, Dora, Mr. Micawber, Mrs. Gummidge, Barkis, Uriah Heep, Steerforth, and Miss Mowcher, among others. So artfully does the novelist merge with his writerprotagonist that it is difficult to discern where Dickens ends, and Copperfield begins in this evergreen classic."

Born on 7 February 1812, in Portsmouth, Charles Dickens was one of the greatest novelists of the Victorian era. He created some of the most intriguing fictional characters in literature. The author’s success began with the 1836 publication of the Pickwick Papers, following which he became an international celebrity. Known for his humour, satire and incisive representation of society through his characters, his literary triumphs include A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, and Great Expectations. A literary colossus of his time, he wrote 15 novels, 5 novellas, hundreds of short stories and non-fiction articles. He even performed for Queen Victoria in 1851. Such was the charisma of the author that the term ‘Dickensian’ is still used to describe situations
reminiscent of his narratives. Literary stalwarts like Leo Tolstoy, George Orwell and G.K. Chesterton admired him for his comedy, prose style and realism. The quintessential Victorian author died in 1870, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

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Author: Charles Dickens
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